A generative AI feature is being added to Google Maps to improve discovery
A generative AI feature is being added to Google Maps to improve discovery

Google Maps is acquainting a generative simulated intelligence include with assistance you find new places.

The new feature makes suggestions based on what you're looking for by analyzing the over 250 million locations on Google Maps and contributions from over 300 million Local Guides with large language models (LLMs). According to the company, Maps will generate shopping recommendations organized by categories as well as "photo carousels and review summaries" if you search for "places with a vintage vibe in SF." The new component is intended to feel more conversational than the conventional inquiry experience. In the event that you ask a subsequent inquiry like "What about lunch?" The AI will locate restaurants that meet the criteria, such as an old-fashioned diner, based on your previous interest in vintage.

The company says the component ought to have the option to produce proposals on even the most specialty or explicit question.

Select Local Guides, Google's community of members who contribute reviews, facts, and photos to Maps in order to assist other users with detailed information about various locations, will be able to participate in the early access experiment, which is beginning this week in the United States. In the near future, additional users will be able to access it. The organization hasn't yet said which different nations would get the component.

Google updated Maps in October to become more like a search engine. It added AI-powered features like photo results and the ability to suggest specific locations when users type in vague terms like "things to do." The new generative man-made intelligence highlight seems to be the following stage in Guides' excursion to turning into an objective for finding new spots as opposed to just involving it for route.

Google stated, "This is just the beginning of how we're supercharging Maps with generative AI."

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